Friday, December 21, 2018

"On her way to Cincinnati" (12/21/2018)

Friday, December 21, 2018
The title of this post comes from the lyrics of "Jesus Take the Wheel" (2005) by Carrie Underwood.
We headed towards Cincinnati very early today, with a stop in Wilburforce, OH. Visited the National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center, part of the Ohio History Connection, of which we are members. We woke up the girl at the reception desk, and were the only visitors in the building.
The museum advisory board was consulted on the
development of Addy, the African-American doll,
created by The Pleasant Company, now part of Mattel
At the top of this baseball is the autograph of Satchel Paige, a pitcher who
began in the Negro Leagues in 1926, and entered the Major Leagues in 1948;
now in the Cooperstown NY Baseball Hall of Fame
About Love Shirley Rushing
(1982, by Richard Barclift) (KSS)
Copy of The Problem We All Live With (1964, by Norman Rockwell)
that appeared in Life Magazine, depicting Ruby Bridges as the first
African-American child to integrate a white Southern school
Wilma Doll (c 1981, by Mary Moline), a porcelain doll,
is based on the girl in the Rockwell painting
Poster (1970s) of Muhammed Ali and
autographed boxing gloves of Ohio heavyweight
James "Buster" Douglas who defeated the
"indestructible" Mike Tyson in 1990
Double Victory Poster, signifying the campaign
of African-Americans calling for first: victory over
our enemies from without, and second: victory
over our enemies from within
Kent and Tamiko join the protest
The Charles Young Home at the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers
National Monument in Xenia, OH
Charles Young was a former slave who became the third African American to graduate (1889) from West Point (and the last until 1936...) and rose to the rank of colonel. His service was chiefly with the Ninth U.S. Cavalry and the Tenth U.S. Cavalry, black troops nicknamed the "Buffalo Soldiers." When the United States was about to enter World War I, Young was in line to be promoted to brigadier general, but instead was forced to retire due to the resistance of white officers who would not tolerate being outranked by an African-American.
We had lunch at The Golden Lamb in Lebanon, OH
The Golden Lamb sign
The Golden Lamb (est 1803, built 1815) is the oldest hotel in Ohio,
and is presently run by the family of Senator Rob Portman (R)
Signature salad, and above are the bread
condiments: chopped bacon and jalapeƱo,
butter, and apple butter
Signature dish of Fried Chicken
Noodles and Ale Cheese dish
Seasonal dessert of a slice of Yule Log with Peppermint Patty ice cream
Sorry, Mike, there was no shrimp on the updated menu at The Golden Lamb!
One of several public dining rooms
The Presidents' Room, with portraits of the twelve
American Presidents who have visited the Golden Lamb
The Presidents who visited The Golden Lamb are: John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S Grant, Rutherford B Hayes, James A Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft, Warren G Harding, Ronald Reagan, and George W Bush. There have been many other famous visitors as well, including the Albert F S family who would dine at The Golden Lamb for special occasions, such as Easter.
The George W Bush Room; the rooms are
named for famous visitors
The Clement Laird Vallandigham Room,
as a private dining room
Clement Laird Vallandigham opposed the Civil War and was alienated by his political party by blaming the war on Abraham Lincoln. He defied the General Order 38 forbidding sympathizing with the enemy, and was banished from the Union. He returned, and as a civilian attorney, he died at The Golden Lamb when he accidentally shot himself, while demonstrating how his client's alleged victim shot himself.
Sarah's Room, is supposedly haunted by
young Sarah who was displeased with
being moved to this room from a larger one
Display of Shaker implements; it was Senator Rob Portman's
grandfather who refurbished the rooms at The Golden Lamb
and added Shaker furnishings
Fort Ancient, Native American Hopewell culture earthworks;
the site architecture appears aligned with significant astronomical events
The road enters one of 84 gateways
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