Sunday, December 22, 2019

Ridley Creek State Park White Trail (12/22/2019)

Sunday, December 22, 2019
We are excited to have Brynne with us for a few days, plus Gus and Randy!
We started at the Hunting Hill Mansion, which is a 1914-1915 expansion
of a 1789 stone farmhouse, in English Tudor style with 38 rooms
Likely the springhouse for Hunting Hill Mansion
We took a path to the bridge leading to Sycamore Mills Road, and crossed it to begin on the White Trail.
We immediately climbed a large hill (looking back to the road)
Then back down the hill to Sycamore Mills Road again,
going through a culvert
An immediate left and this time went over a culvert
Climbed another hill, with the path
squeezing between two trees
Heading for a canopy of brush
Frozen puddles on the trail
Crossed the Hidden Valley Horse Farm Road
Long tree shadows in the early afternoon
Hiked alongside Ridley Creek with patches of frozen snow
Recent high winds must have knocked down these two beech trees
A boardwalk was needed for this muddy area
The White Trail was joined by the Blue Trail as we crossed Big Run
When we next reached Sycamore Mills Road, we headed back on the Multi-Use Trail.
A frozen vernal pool, which in the springtime is a
breeding ground for frogs, toads, and salamanders
Concrete form bridge balustrade?
We followed the Yellow Trail up from
Sycamore Mills Road to reach
Sandy Flash Dr S to return to our car

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