Friday, May 25, 2018

Elegant Elbe: Prague 6b (5/25/2018)

Friday, May 25, 2018 (continued)
Our next destination was Letná Park/Letenské sady.
Bílek Villa/Bílkova vila (1910-1911, by František Bílek),
symbolizing a wheat field
Kramář Villa/Kramářova vila (1911-1914, by Friedrich Ohmann)
has been the official residence of the prime minister since 1998
View of the Vltava River and the Straka Academy/Strakova akademie
(1891-1896, by Václav Roštlapil) that was built to house
impoverished children of Czech nobility, but now is the seat
of the Czech Republic Government
Hanavský pavilion/Hanavský pavilon was built as the
representative pavilion of the Komárov Ironworks
for the Prague Jubilee Exhibition in 1891
(designed by Otto Haiser and Josef Hercik in
Art Nouveau style), moved in 1898 to this park
Prague Metronome/Pražský metronom (1991, by Vratislav Novák)
symbolizes the long struggle against Soviet control and in fact sits on the
former site of a colossal statue of Joseph Stalin 
It seems it was Nikita Kruschev who ordered the destruction of the statue by dynamite in 1962.
Or is it a symbol of a new era?
It is not even technically a metronome
Strolling through Letná Park
Unidentified sculpture
Memorial to three Czech partisans who fell here
on May 6, 1945 for the liberation of Prague (KSS)
Shady beer garden
Did these guys really see that I was zooming in on them?
With the Church of Our Lady before Týn behind them
Gambrinus beer delivery truck (KSS)
Just hook up the hose to the correct spigot (KSS)
and fill up the restaurant's kegs (KSS)
Mosaic design on air vents for the road tunnels
beneath the park, and a beercycle/beer bike
A very large dog gets a drink (KSS)
Kent gets his drink (it is too leafy to see the city
of Prague spread out below
Not much was happening at the Czech Beer Festival/Český pivní festival
The newest Škoda 15T tram
Huh?! That's a Disney Snow White outfit!
Took a tram back to Lesser Town Square, where we first had to try a trdelník, those "barrels" of pastry we have seen baking on a spit over charcoal.
Instead of ice cream, ours had Nutella (and
they are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon on the outside)
After dessert was lunch, which we had at the same restaurant I had dinner with the Ls in 1981, U Mecenáše.
Prague ham with arugula salad, toast, and apple chutney
Rustic sausage plate mustard and horseradish, and sauerkraut (with pickles)
U Mecenáše is no longer dark and dreary inside
These kit cars seemed to be a popular means of touring Prague
T6A5/III tram
NH Hotel, the one at the bottom of the funicular
Back at the hotel, we joined Peter & Beth and others waiting for the motor coaches to take us to the Viking ship Astrild. Although water levels are not deep enough at Děčín where the river-based itinerary usually begins, we will travel 30 minutes farther to Bad Schandau, the next scheduled stop, and will not miss anything. (Unless one wanted to see Děčín!)
The motor coaches backed down a long narrow drive to reach the upper hotel, and once our luggage and persons were on board, we took off.
Passed the Operation Anthropoid Memorial
(2009, by artists David Moješčík and Michal Šmeral,
and architects Miroslava Tůmová and Jiří Gulbis);
it is located at the site of the ambush
Canola field and a mesa
We left the Vltava River valley, and entered the Elbe valley.
Crossed a bridge over the Elbe at Děčín,
and yes, it looks a bit shallow!
The Děčín Castle
Schöna, Germany across the river
We followed the right bank of the Elbe River into Germany, and arrived in Bad Schandau about 17:30. There was time for a welcome cocktail, a welcome briefing, and then dinner was at 19:00.
Our stateroom
Our head
A rendering of Astrild, a Nordic goddess of love
Sunset over the Elbe
The Bad Schandau Elevator at night
The refreshments nook on the ship
The computer nook
And the library and gift shop across from the reception desk
The Viking ships for the Elbe are different from the rest of their fleet, being smaller due to the need to have less of a draft. They carry 98 passengers as compared to the 190 on the usual longships.
Today's high temperature was 75 degrees F.
Next: Bad Schandau.

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