Friday, June 14, 2019

First "Hike" at GFE (6/14/2019)

Friday, June 14, 2019
D or Dogwood Building at Granite Farms Estates/GFE
with our balcony on the top floor to the left
Garden plots for the GFE residents
The path between GFE and YMCA properties
Pedestrian walk at the YMCA
Rocky Run YMCA (expanded 2011)
Gaga ball pit; gaga ball is a dodge ball type game meant
for participants of all skill levels; to get someone out,
the ball must hit below knee level and the ball is
batted with an open or closed hand - no holding the ball
Back on GFE property where a dozen
bluebird boxes line part of the perimeter sidewalk
Tree swallows are living in some of the boxes.
Granite Farms Estates as seen from the guard house
A new plant for us: this is the flower of
Rubus phoenicolasius/Japanese Wineberry
The second level balcony has full spectrum
grow lights, usually used for hydroponics
(growing plants without soil)
The neglected bocce and horseshoe courts
(it is rumored that a "sportsplex" will be built here)
Hmm, there seems to be the Mariner East II pipeline
along the west side of Granite Farms Estates
The bike shed is dwarfed by the E or Elm Building
Fishline guards the back of the bench
from perching and pooping birds
Close-up of the fishline

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