Friday, June 14, 2019

Wawa (6/14/2019)

Friday, June 14, 2019
Some of us have heard of the Wawa gas station/convenience stores. Now we live right next to Wawa!
Granite Farms Estates is built on 25 acres purchased from the Wawa Dairy Farms, in Wawa, PA.
Wawa Dairy Farms (founded 1902 by George Wood,
building from 1929)
The first milk plant of Wawa
Wawa started in 1902 as a dairy, producing milk in strict sanitary conditions (before pasteurization), and delivering milk that was certified as safe (for children).
As people began buying their milk from supermarkets, Wawa switched in 1964 to opening convenience food markets. In 1996 they added gasoline sales.
Wawa University sign
Wawa Corporate University, providing comprehensive training courses
and continuing educational programs for Wawa employees
Tamiko with a couple Guernsey cow statues;
George Wood had Guernseys imported from, well,
the island of Guernsey (KSS)
A lowrider pickup truck in the Wawa University parking lot
Next to the Red Roof Campus (not an educational campus)
Red Roof Mansion (it once had a red roof) was purchased
by George Wood in 1892 as a summer home; later it
became Wawa corporate headquarters
Expanded Wawa corporate headquarters;
Wawa is the Ojibwe word for wild goose, thus the logo
The company name comes from the local community, which was called Wawa due to the many Canada Geese that flocked here.
Gateway to the Carriage House (1984, built to complement
the Red Roof Mansion), which is the company computer building
A typical Wawa store
Plenty of options for self-serve coffee
There are handcrafted beverages and sandwiches
Local soft pretzels
We will have to check this out:
"In 2018, Wawa introduced a secret menu to celebrate its 54th anniversary. It can be accessed by tapping the flapping goose in the bottom left corner of the ordering screen. As of June 2018, it contains a Birthday Cake Smoothie, a Birthday Cake Milkshake, and a Mac & Cheese Cheesesteak."

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