Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Waterways of the Tsars: Mandrogi 2 (10/16/2019)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 (continued)
We noticed the ferry was running, and went back for a ride;
the young man is turning the cable guide
A birch branch is used as a handle for the cable guide
The ferry took us to the land of Lukomorye, a fairy tale land associated with the Alexander Pushkin poem Ruslan and Ludmila.
Tamiko with the Giant Head from the poem (KSS)
The Wise Cat who tells stories in Lukomorye
Kent with the Mermaid who sits in an oak tree
The witch's hut on chicken feet in Lukomorye
Ruslan with the dwarf sorcerer, Chernomor
A detour to the Church of the Prophet Elijah, which is being renovated
New windows have already been installed (KSS)
Empty chicken coop cages of the mini-zoo
Columbia livia/Rock Doves
Silver Fox (melanistic form of Vulpes vulpes) (KSS)
Vulpes vulpes/Red Fox (KSS)
The red fox and Kent
Ciconia ciconia/White Stork
Asio otis/Long-eared Owls (KSS)
Hinny (has a pony father and donkey mother)
A newer animal enclosure with a faux white birch wall
Domesticated rabbits (KSS)
Maybe these are Ludmila's family with King Vladimir on the R
And this must be the lovely Ludmila
It was snowing hard as we waited for the ferry
Kent, Peter, Shousong, Tamiko, Eileen, and JoAnn; the only
adventurers to go to Lukomorye (Thanks for the photo, JoJo!)
"Souvenir Supermarket"
Blue and white porcelain in Lomonosov style
Traditional Sarafan dresses
Kokoshnik/Russian women's folk headdress
A unique set of porcelain
Kent outside the Vodka Museum; the sign states:
"We are responsible for those who get drunk"
(which has two different meanings!)
музей водки/Vodka Museum
The Vodka Museum supposedly has nearly 3,000 bottles of vodka;
is each one different?
All sizes and shapes
High-heel and soccer cleats bottles
Four samples for 300 Rubles: беленькая/Belenkaya by Beluga Group,
перцовочка/Pertsovochka (Pepper with honey) by Ladoga,
три старика/Three Old Men by Sormovsky, and
воздух/Air by Ukraine National Vodka Company
Kent tries a shot of vodka, followed by a
bite of pickle and brown bread
"Fresco" in the Vodka Museum
Distilling apparatus display
Restaurant and administration building
Пирожки/Piroshki are sweet or savory stuffed pastries
We ran into the cows several times this morning (KSS)
ледяная горка/Ice slide, which is said to be a precursor of the
roller coaster, which in some languages is called a 'Russian Mountain'
Horse-drawn "sledge" in front of a craft workshop and store (KSS)
Tamiko stands next to the largest felt boot (2016) in the world according
to the Guiness Book of World Records, with dimensions of
3.02 m/9' 11" in height, and 2.53 m/8' 3" in length (KSS)
We were back on board the Viking Truvor for lunch, and continued sailing down the Svir River to Lake Ladoga.
Next: St Petersburg: General Staff Building.

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