Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Alaska Cruise: At Sea: Inside Passage (7/30/2019)

Tuesday, July 30, 2019
At Sea: Inside Passage cruising day. Apparently during the night we sailed northwest through the Strait of Georgia and perhaps along the east side of Vancouver Island, through Discovery Passage and Seymour Narrows.
Inside Passage (8:00)
Breakfast: Garden Café.
It seems we spent the day sailing along Queen Charlotte Sound off the coast of British Columbia, since we saw mostly water.
Cabin 8590 (7/29/2019)
Cabin 8590 desk and storage
Cabin 8590 shower (7/29/2019)
Cabin 8590 sink and "head" (7/29/2019)
Cabin 8590 obstructed view (7/29/2019)
Norwegian Jewel funnel at aft end
We have been exploring the ship, playing Trivia with Cruise Staff, going to the Card Room to play Scrabble or Rummy. The boys have been swimming, driving golf balls, or shuffling shuffleboard pucks.
The Great Outdoors bar and dining venue at the back of the ship
Sports (basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball) "cage" (7/29/2019)
On 7/29/2019, there were only left-handed clubs
By 7/30/2019 there were right-handed clubs
Spinnaker Lounge in the front of the boat
Sun Deck (7/29/2019)
Looking back from the sun deck (7/29/2019)
Another level down are the pools and hot tubs (7/29/2019)
Bliss Lounge, site of most of the Trivia games
A private room off Bliss Lounge had an X-box set up with a different video game each day.
Crystal Atrium with O'Sheehan's on the second level
Entry to Stardust Theater
Stardust Theater
A penguin?
At some point we must have had lunch (Tsar's Palace with table service) and dinner (Chin Chin Asian Restaurant, a disappointment)!
Humpback whale sighting!
Megaptera novaeangliae/Humpback Whale (EHS)
Dylan and Pete learning shuffleboard with Erich, Kent
Before bed tonight, we have to turn the clocks back an hour. Alaska has its own time zone, although the Aleutian Islands share a time zone with Hawaii.
Next: Ketchikan I.

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